Stud Rams

Kimm 07012 RR

Kimm 7012


This ram was purchased by MacCauley Suffolks and has been used extensively in their flock as well as by Bob Kimm.  We were fortunate to lease this ram for 2 breeding seasons.  We have a large number of his daughters in our flock as well as a stud ram sired by him: Ulrich 52-11


Ulrich 52-11 RR

One of the best sons of Kimm 07012.  He is heavier boned than his sire due to his outstanding dam: Ulrich 838-08.  He has a near perfect Suffolk head and sires a lot of meat.  His sons make great stud rams.  He will be used heavily in our flock.  Measurements 38-1/2"x40"


Chapman 09-181 RR


We purchased this ram at the Ohio Suffolk Sale in 2010.  At that time he had one of the largest rear legs we had seen for such a big ram.  He sires a lot of bone and a lot of growth.  His son: Ulrich 5-11 is one of our main stud rams.  Measurements 38-1/2"x40"


Ulrich 5-11 RR


This son of our Chapman ram is a tank.  Heavy bone, thick top, and big rear leg.  His offspring so far have been over 80% males.  He will see heavy use in our flock - particularly on our frame ewes to add muscle and keep the size.  Measurements 39"x41"


Ulrich 55-11 QR


This was the last QR buck that we used.  His sire was purchased from MacCauley Suffolks - going back to "Granite" and "Gold StRReak.  His dam Ulrich 754-05 is one of our thickest ewes.  When we crossed frame with meat we got this ram.  He stamped a pretty pattern on his lambs.  Almost every one was a keeper.  Measurements: 39"x42"


Van Dyke 802 RR

We purchased this ram at Sedalia in 2009.  He was one of the longest rams we had ever seen with bood bone.  We have several daughters in our flock.  Measurements 40"x44"


Preview MSU 7121 NN RR

Preview MSU 7121 NN RR

4th February Ram Lamb, 2007 NAILE. His sire is the breed leading ram for weaning weight and post weaning weight. This ram was selected for his outstanding EPD's and breed character. His first lambs should arrive in 2009.

Sire: Culham & Stevens 5BR155
Dam: MSU 04-107
Born: 2/7/07, Tw



Peifer Suffolks 1307 NN, RR

This ram was leased from Peifer Suffolks in the fall of 2007. When you look at this ram, your first impression is the amount of bone that he has. In addition to that, his rate of gain has been phenomenal! He is a son of Lucky Strike who was sired by Bunker Hill 1631. His dam is Peifer 1219, one of my picks of all the Peifer ewes. We have retained his top son Ulrich 112 and 6 outstanding ewe lambs. His offspring carry the same bone and capacity as their sire.

Sire: "Lucky Strike"
Dam: Peifer 1219
Born: 2/27/07, Tw


Ulrich 76'05 NN, RR 

This home raised ram sired a tremendous first set of lambs in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Lots of bone, natural muscling, frame size, and extra length. His first daughters came into production in the spring of 2008. At present we have 25 of his daughters in our flock.

Sire: Slack 38
Dam: Ulrich 674'02
Born: 1/24/05, Tw

Ulrich 13'04 NN, RR and Ulrich 122'03 NN, QR

Ulrich 13 is pictured on the left and his sire, Ulrich 122, is pictured on the right. These senior studs continue to sire super complete and balanced sheep with excellent hip and tailset design. Both have good breed character, heavy bone, short pasterns - perfect on their feet and legs. Both of these rams have been sold to other breeders, but we have their daughters in our flock,

Ulrich 13'04 Ulrich 122'03
Sire: 122'03 Sire: Slack 2268
Dam: Ulrich 674'02 Dam: Wilt 53 by "The Great 1"
Born: 1/27/04, Tr Born: 2/15/03, Tw

Meyer 322 "Pistol" NN, RR 

"Pistol" is a proven stud ram with a successful pedigree. "Sea Biscuit" was the $3,750 Res. Ch. ram at Sedalia. "Pistol" has a super straight top and sires extension and growth into his lambs. We have several of his daughters in our flock.

Sire: "Sea Biscuit" Peifer 1116 sired by "White Hot Ace" 5 Start J 119
Dam: Meyer 120 by Peifer 1043
Born: 2/27/03, Tr